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Outfit Ideas

It's not the holidays. There's no season change for the next couple of months, and quite frankly you're in a fashion rut.  Have no fear! Let some of these lovely ladies from streets of fashionable Paris influence you.  Take one or more elements from this pics and claim it as your own, or if you want, steal the whole idea!

Okay, let's talk about why this works.  Don't feel like you must only wear dark colors because it's winter.  If you have a light coloured sweater and jacket in your closet, break them out!  The colors are so flattering on our winter pale skin, giving us that youthful glow (think BBC period pieces here, folks.) She also is wearing a flattering pair of straight/skinny leg jeans (NOT jeggings!) with a mid rise (almost universally flattering) and cuffed to show off her suede flat boots.  Just to give her the stylish edge she has partially tucked in the front of her loose sweater.  

It's all about the layering here.  She has a loose T as her first layer, then a slightly chunky cardigan, a lovely loose scarf, and finally, for a little edge, a black leather jacket.  Most of these pieces can translate for everyone! Even if you are not a biker chick sorta girl, but like the look, wear a black peacoat or even a short trench.  Part of the sophistication also comes from the monochromatic palette-grey on grey with a touch of off white and black.

Travel chic! Comfortable flat to the knee boots and jeggings create a fitted bottom half, and yet is balanced by the layered looseness of the untucked white button down and oatmeal granny cardigan.  To keep the frump factor down, she has added a slouchy beret (what better way to hide airplane seat hair?), a sleek messenger bag (for all those TSA necessary documents), and fingerless gloves.  Now that's how to travel!

You've seen these elements before-black flat boots, skinnies, untucked button down, and a black leather jacket.  It creates a sleek, comfortable, look that hides what you don't want to see (tummy, wide hips anyone?) and yet could be a head turner on an errand running day.

Be fabulous, my lovelies!