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Style Tips

A friend of mine wanted tips on styling a scarf, so I thought there might be others out there with the same concern.

The style board is courtesy of Ruche, a wonderful online shop if there ever was one.

Look 1: The bib-great for large or even small square scarfs, especially ones with tassels or ethnic designs.  Just fold in half diagonally, tie like a baby's bib, and adjust the length until it drapes in the way you find most appealing. In this particular picture, one of the tie ends has been brought forward over the shoulder to add a little interest.

Look 2: The bow-long scarfs in a thin material work well here. Tie in a small bow around your neck and try to balance the size of the loops of the bow to create a tight bow as seen here.  For a more casual look, pull the loops to hang down in a more relaxed way.

Look 3:  Easiest look ever-perfect for long scarfs of any material weight.  Drape one end on your chest, loop scarf around neck, and pull to desired tightness and length of ends.  Can be varied to create a loose loop around your neck or a choker-like look.

Look 4:  Again, very easy-good for long scarfs.  Just tie in a single knot around neck and pull to the side to add interest.

Look 5:  This is actually Look 3 with a textured scarf.  Notice that you can pull and arrange the material to create a full, face framing loop with the scarf.

Look 6:  Similar to Look 4, but this is very '80's workplace. The knot is tied in a double square knot, and is not tight against the neck, but allowed to hang in the center of the chest.

Look 7:  Luxe look-great for medium width scarfs that are very long and of light weight material. Start as you would with Look 3, but make sure your end is not too long on your chest, as you will be looping this twice around your neck.  Loop twice around your neck, allowing one of the loops to be looser than the other to create this full effect on the neck.  Now tie in a double square knot to the side.

Look 8: The side bib-again, good for square and/or ethnic design scarfs. Fold in half just as in Look 1, but drape across your chest and one shoulder. Tie in back of neck.

Look 9: The Bib and Tie-same scarf requirements as Looks 1 and 8, but the scarf needs to have long ends. Start exactly as in Look 1, but instead of tying in the back, bring the ends to the front and tie in a double knot there.

Look 10:  Double Loop-great for very long light weight scarfs.  Same as Look 3, but you should start with a shorter end and loop the scarf around your neck twice.

Look 11:  This is literally Look 3, but notice how the designs have been highlighted here, by making sure the scarf was laid properly across the chest.

Look 12:  The Half-Neck Tie-good for the long, light weight scarf.  Start as you would with Look 3, but after you have looped the scarf around your neck, then pull the ends one at a time through the loop, with the longest end coming up as over the loop itself.

Look 13 (not pictured): The Pull Through-great for layering under coats and jackets with thick or thin scarfs long scarfs.  Fold scarf in half length wise, put your hand through the fold, and pull the ends back through the loop (after it is around your neck, duh).

Go forth, my lovelies! Be tres chic!  


  1. ARe you kidding me?!!! This is awesome!! I have actually wondered about this on more than one occasion. Or...I've been out and noticed a girl with a scarf on and tried to figure out how she had done the magic with her scarf! YES! and Thank YOu!

  2. These are great ideas on tying a scarf. It inspires me to wear a scarf next going out. Thank you!


  3. Thanks, folks! I'm glad you found the tips helpful. Scarfs are one of my favorite accessories-they are never too big or too small, they look great on all body types, they can add a pop of color if you so desire, and they always make you seem oh so trendy! Cheers, ma dears!