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Monday, January 10, 2011

Cajun Catfish Sandwiches

It is a slushy, wintry day, so what better way to pass the time than in the kitchen!  I picked up fresh catfish fillets before the winter storm hit along with fresh baguettes and made up Cajun Catfish Sandwiches to warm our bones.

But, first, what am I wearing for this grey day? Well, I embraced the cool grey and white tones of the day and went with that color palette (plus I was influenced by the images of our Parisian  street fashionistas-see the Outfit Ideas above).

I paired my winter white lace cami with a grey deep v-neck cardigan.  Finished with my grey heels and a grey and white striped scarf worn in the style of Look 10 in the Style Tips page above. This keeps my neck warm, but the scarf safely out of harms way in the kitchen.


For the menu, I kept things simple.  Just Cajun Catfish Sandwiches with seasoned french fries, baked in the oven.

Start with self rising cornmeal and fresh lemons.

Pick the freshest fish available-this is was delivered that morning, never frozen.

Fry until golden brown.

Mix a bit of your favorite cajun seasoning into a few tablespoons of mayo.

Add fresh romaine lettuce and a baguette and you are ready to munch!

Notice a difference in the pics? I hope so! I am learning to use a proper camera rather than my phone.  Patience, my lovelies! I will get better in time.  In the meantime, go forth and be fabulous!



  1. The sandwich looks delicious. Good food and bright outfits certainly bring cheers to this cold wintry day!


  2. Do you ever wear sweats? Just in the gym...right? Rats! ;-)

  3. Or when I'm doing some serious house cleaning. Bleach is a terrible thing for stilettos!

  4. The pics are beyond scrumptious and, from one stiletto gal to another - welcome to the "neighborhood" :)

  5. Thanks, Lys. I appreciate the friendly welcome to the "neighborhood!" So much to learn...We stiletto gals gotta stick together!